chicken yard

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an enclosed yard for keeping poultry

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Once, in a muddy, ill-smelling chicken yard noisy with cackling hens, I held in my hand one half of a fertilized chicken egg accidentally broken.
For the chicken yard I fenced in an area 10' wide by 20' long.
In the chicken yard the hens and roosters scratched industriously in the mud, seeking grimy tidbits or an occasional kernel of corn.
We enclosed a chicken yard with standard poultry netting stapled to wooden posts.
In this article I will explain how protein can be grown for free and dispensed right in your chicken yard, while only needing to deal with it about 10 minutes every few weeks or so.
I hadn't noticed her condition before because of the head-high goldenrod in the chicken yard.
I learned the similarities between the chicken yard and the middle school lunch yard and that being Assistant Principal is good training for raising chickens and especially for dealing with roosters.
I commented calmly as I streaked across the chicken yard, hotly pursued, much to the amusement of the non-laboring members of my household.
The meat birds are too heavy to let out where the hawks can carry them away, so they stay in a chicken yard surrounded by five-foot chain link fence.
In the chicken yard wherever a hole appeared we would drop in mothballs.
Then Dad asked the question, "Why not build a hen house and place it in the chicken yard where it could be moved around, as the site was cleared?
Most of the materials used to set up our chicken yard and rabbitry are recycled and inexpensive.
And I could help a little, carrying in split firewood for the kitchen stove, slopping the hogs with the after-dinner kitchen bucket, helping gather the eggs from the chicken yard.
I never have a problem with having mice in my chicken yard unless the chickens can't get where they are.
I need help putting up fence for the gardens, a chicken yard, and a small pasture for goats.