chicken wire

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a galvanized wire network with a hexagonal mesh

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If you have a particular patch of lawn where the badgers are feeding, you can place a piece of chicken wire on the offending area, pegging it down strongly, and let the grass grow through it.
My daughter wrapped me in chicken wire and that was how we made the torso.
Years ago, before these commercial dog blinds were readily available, I made my own field dog hides using a little chicken wire, two wooden dowels and four metal stakes to hold the blind in place.
70 Pu are retrofitted using one layer, two layer and three layers of chicken wire mesh and Ferro cement.
Through shattered glass and sheeted furniture, chicken wire and
And in the track proves she has a keen eye for material juxtaposition, as attested by the craquelure of air-dried clay pressed into chicken wire on one figure's head, or the narrow metal tube that winds sinuously throughout its body, contrasting with its primarily organic components.
I have now bought 10 metres of chicken wire to build a Flopsy-proof fence.
Brooks and others to fashion a chicken wire hood for foiling squirrels and raccoons.
Other pests, such as rabbits, can be stopped with chicken wire, which has smaller openings.
If you insist on having a traditional lawn, one recommended procedure, although tedious, is to lay chicken wire or plastic mesh over the soil.
Alternatively, a piece of chicken wire can be hung over the edge like a scrambling net which hedgehogs can climb up to freedom
Chuckling that the system is held together by "chewing gum and chicken wire," Ms.
Instead of a red stucco front made of concrete and chicken wire, the front of George's is now primarily windows.
Like many other natural builders, we learned it's not necessary to use chicken wire over strawbales before plastering.
Potter also converted the school's old jungle gym into a hideaway by covering it with chicken wire (leaving an opening) and planting potato vine and jasmine around it.