chicken taco

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a taco with a chicken filling

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Church's Chicken New Crispy Chicken Taco Combo Meal (Photo: Business Wire)
The frozen tacos, including a Korean-style chicken taco and a Korean tofu taco, pack colorful vegetables and a homemade slaw into an organic corn tortilla.
59 Rice, beans, potato, lettuce, cheese, tomato on soft tortillas Beach Chicken Taco, $4.
7 combination plate with a soft chicken taco, green corn tamale and blue corn cheese enchilada ($6.
To help drive frequency and transactions in the months ahead, on July 30, 2007 we launched two new products, a crunchy chicken taco and a soft chicken taco.
Guests can choose from any of the following a la carte tacos for their free taco on Tuesday, October 4, 2011 only: Crispy Salsa Chicken Taco, Crispy Picadillo Beef Taco, Crispy Carnitas Taco, Soft Salsa Chicken Taco, Soft Picadillo Beef Taco, or Soft Carnitas Taco.
After converting to canola oil, Taco Bell expects more than 15 menu items will contain zero grams of trans fat, including the signature Beef Crunchy Taco and Taco Supreme([R]), as well as Chalupa Baja (Beef, Chicken, and Steak), Chalupa Supreme (Chicken and Steak), Chicken Ranchero Soft Taco, Cinnamon Twists, Gordita Supreme([R]) - Steak, Grilled Steak Soft Taco and Spicy Chicken Taco.
com)-- Taco Bueno[R] is proud to introduce two, new limited time offers - the Hatch Chile Chicken Quesadilla and Hatch Chile Chicken Taco which starts at just $1.
From Matt's Cinnamon Rolls; Apple Cinnamon Bread; Chicken Taco Soup; to Jambalaya; Cheesy Veggies; and Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, all of the recipes comprising this outstanding and highly recommended addition to personal and community library cookbook collections are as palate pleasing and appetite satisfying as they are kitchen cook friendly and menu planning inspirational.
A request for one beef taco and one chicken taco is not exactly difficult.
Bacon Cheeseburger and Subway Chicken Taco Subway Wheat
Sometimes a chicken taco or a chicken sandwich just sounds good so I'll have one.
Stunned Paul couldn't believe it when he reached into the bag for his chicken taco and found cash worth almost pounds 1500 instead.
This fresh and flavorful chicken taco is inspired by pho - a popular Vietnamese soup.