chicken sandwich

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a sandwich made with a filling of sliced chicken

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One order (that's 11 rings) has more fat than a Sirloin Steak Dinner, a Bacon & Cheese Grilled Chicken Sandwich, or an order of the BBQ Baby Back Ribs.
The Jalapeno Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich features Wendy's signature spicy blend and 100% all white meat chicken breast, topped with fresh, diced jalapenos and specially made ghost pepper sauce, and capped with a bakery-inspired, freshly toasted red jalapeno bun.
Albert Chavez, marketing supervisor for McDonald's regional office, said the restaurant chain offers a variety of low-fat foods on the menu, such as the chicken sandwich, when ordered without mayo.
Our new Outlaw Burger and Outlaw Spicy Chicken Sandwich feature a mouthwatering combination of bold flavors reminiscent of an old-fashioned barbecue," said Tracy Dunn, director of menu marketing and promotions for Jack in the Box Inc.
That removes 90 calories and more than half the fat from this great-tasting chicken sandwich.
At BURGER KING[R] restaurants, we are excited about celebrating the Fourth of July with our guests and giving everyone a holiday treat - the Original Chicken Sandwich offered at just $1.
Chick-fil-A Grilled Chicken Sandwich: The Grilled Chicken Sandwich is a boneless, 100 percent pure breast meat chicken, marinated with a special blend of seasonings and grilled for a tender and juicy backyard-grilled taste.
Sandwich choices range from shish chicken sandwich ($3.
McDonald's new chicken sandwich and Arby's roast chicken Club Sandwich are good examples.
Meal includes double-patty chicken sandwich, small seasoned curly fries & drink
Also making its debut is Church's Southern Style Chicken Sandwich Launcher Game -- the brand new interactive online game is modeled after the advertising campaign and designed to challenge gamers at every level.
Spicy Chipotle Crispy Chicken Sandwich and Spicy Chipotle Jr.
ATLANTA -- Church's introduces its first interactive online game to coincide with the launch of the QSR chain's New 1/4 Pound Southern Style Chicken Sandwich.
Recommended items: Soups, beer-battered onion rings, 747 burger, spicy Southwestern chicken sandwich, pork chop with vegetables and mashed potatoes, meat loaf sandwich or plate, apple pie.
recently launched Pretzel Pub Chicken sandwich has fueled a second wave of pretzel passion among consumers and has spiraled into another online love fest.