chicken run

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an enclosed yard for keeping poultry

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The report added that at least another Yemeni was killed and three others were wounded after a separate Saudi-led drone attack, launched shortly after the first one, targeted another chicken run in Zobaid district in the same province.
Marvin never played in front of the Chicken Run at Ayresome Park as an 18-year-old.
FAVOURITE CHARACTERS: Ben will work with the company who created Wallace And Gromit, Arthur Christmas, Tim the tortoise from the Creature Comforts series and (inset, below) Chicken Run TALENT: Nuneaton animator Ben Hennessy with his Red Bull award
Acorns' dad Matt Greaves, from Stourbridge, ran the half marathon while his nine-year-old daughter and Acorns child Jessica took part in the Chicken Run with her mum Natalie and sister Bethany.
Correctly answer this question: Name the Hollywood actor who provided the voice of the character Rocky in the film Chicken Run.
So hopelessly repressed they've been the subject of both Hollywood film (2000's Chicken Run, starring the jabber-mouthed Mel Gibson as Rocky the Rooster) and of numerous nationwide movements (PETA vs.
There are gardens including a lawn and raised chicken run.
Just when you think it is safe to go back in the chicken run, bird flu rears its extremely ugly head again.
Star Staff Writer, Mike Derderian In Peter Lord and Nick Park's stop motion animation caper Chicken Run a group of chickens were trying to escape Mrs.
Much can be rebuilt, of course, although it is doubtful if we shall ever again see the famed pie machine from the Chicken Run movie.
The exception: one poor soul who has to make a ceremonial chicken run to the nearest Popeyes in 15 minutes or less.
One popular program was the Animator's Perspective on Aardman Animation, the company behind Chicken Run and the Wallace and Gromit shorts.
Here, the Dream-Works animation Chicken Run meets Haeng-Dang Dong: Another World We Are Making, a documentary about slum dwellers in Seoul who successfully resisted a high-rise building project.
Data Return will now manage the fan sites for Wallace & Gromit, Rex the Runt, Chicken Run and Angry Kid, the official site at http://www.