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mousse made with chicken

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CHICKEN MOUSSE Eight portions - the excess can be frozen 250g chicken breast 250ml double cream 40g egg white ' teaspoon salt Per portion: A breast of chicken, skinned and split horizontally (butterflied) Two slices air-dried ham 50g haggis
At the festival, Margaret and chef Brian cooked up a range of dishes, such as chicken mousse, roast loin of pork with sauce, chicken patties and fig and mincemeat flan.
My companion, with a nostalgic glow, chose roast saddle of rabbit stuffed with black pudding and smoked chicken mousse, confit leg tortellini and fig and pear chutney with mustard jus for her entrAe.
Martin, of Holystone, North Tyneside, served up pork fillet with sage and onion and chicken mousse served with black pudding fritter and baby vegetables at the National Exhibition Centre on Wednesday.
In addition to all the familiar sushi and sashimi items as potential starters, there are such tantalizers as shiitake mushrooms stuffed with chicken mousse ($7.
25) while Jim chose Smoked Chicken Mousse with leeks in a light and tangy Cumberland sauce, served with salad leaves (pounds 4.
A typical Clase Premier menu may include an hors-d'oeuvres assortment of cherry tomatoes stuffed with tapenade, smoked salmon canapes, or chipotle chicken mousse canapes wrapped in green melon; as an appetizer, a watercress and corn salad served with cottage cheese flan in garlic vinaigrette; a main dish of lacquered rib of beef or leg of duck on a bed of fresh rosemary, and the crowning touch, a 'Fine Arts Opera' cake with vanilla sauce, a selection of cheeses and fresh fruits or a variety of ice-cream flavors.
His prize-winning concoction also featured a lamb fillet wrapped in a spinach and chicken mousse and rolled before being set on a butternut squash fondant.
Although the chicken mousse was a little heavy for astarter, our lamb shoulder and beef stir-fry main courses were delicious.
If you don't like the idea of rolling the chicken mousse you could make it in a terrine mould.
And just to tempt your tastebuds, the changing menu has included such delights as boned quail stuffed with a light chicken mousse and served with turnip gratin and a red wine and shallot jus, pan-fried breast of duck served with a mustard grain polenta a nd a thyme broth; Lincolnshire Marsh duckling with braised red cabbage, pommes cocottes and a wild mushroom broth.
We dined in his 15th century farmhouse on gazpacho, chicken mousse on mouth- melting lamb and tarte tatin.