chicken leg

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the lower joint of the leg of a chicken

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The antidumping practices investigation process with regards to chicken leg quarters price discrimination will continue.
Chicken legs are ideal for roasting but are also great for stews and casseroles.
4 chicken leg backless, chilled 15112130-6 minimal amount 15000.
Remove from the heat and spoon the spinach stuffing into the pocket in each chicken leg, pressing it in firmly.
IN response to Trevor Drew's letter about the great Welsh acting family, the Liveseys (Viewpoints, June 26), B Lewis of Cardiff (July 1) tells us that he was a great fan of the actor Roger Livesey and also remembers Charles Laughton as Henry VIII, eating a chicken leg and throwing the leg over his shoulder in The Private Life of Henry VIII (1933).
We found: British Whole Chicken/British Chicken Leg Quarters.
This film has been on television a few times, and what most will remember was the funny scene where Charles Laughton as Henry VIII was eating a chicken leg at dinner and when he finished it he threw the leg over his shoulder.
And an old joke's an old joke, no matter how much name-dropping goes on in it: ``I just saw Patti LaBelle with a chicken leg,'' Bette growls at a party.
Ingredients - Serves two 100g (4oz) Chinese mushrooms, soaked weight (more if desired) 250g (8oz) asparagus, chopped 150g (6oz) chicken leg meat, cut into strips Two cloves garlic, sliced Six slices, fresh ginger, peeled Six slices carrot Two teaspoons light soy sauce Two teaspoons oil Half a teaspoon cornflour A few splashes white wine or brandy For the sauce, mix together: Three tablespoons chicken broth or stock Two teaspoons light soy sauce Half a teaspoon sugar One teaspoon cornflour Sesame oil, salt and pepper to taste Method Mix chicken meat with two teaspoons each of light soy sauce and oil and leave for 15 minutes.
After boning and stuffing the chicken leg as per Boyd's Tip, place the leg in the oven to roast (425F/210C/Gas 7).
Astronauts typically develop ``fat face chicken leg syndrome,'' as a result of body fluids being pumped upward.
So what would you do with black pudding, tarragon, onion, blue cheese, a chicken leg, potatoes and some radishes?
There was a lot of atrophy in my legs, particularly after having a cast on for the first two months - it was a bit of a chicken leg when it came out.
The most tragic results being an inability to find clothes that fit and chicken leg syndrome.
Burak Avcy, a vet said that we diagnosed that one of chicken leg was gangrene and we attached to it a prosthetic leg.