chicken hawk

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nontechnical term for any hawks said to prey on poultry


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The tire experts at their Trackside Support Dealers take a hands-on approach to demonstrating warmer-mounting techniques and educating riders to most effectively utilize Chicken Hawk Racing products as tire-preparation tools.
Tomlinson, who was so good in Ken Loach's "Riff Raff" and "Raining Stones," concocts an amusing mix of father figure, brash opportunist and chicken hawk, while playwright Pinter provides a much darker take on louche thug Ross.
Here, though, the child is a high school senior bound for Wesleyan but meanwhile busy exploring his homo side in hot trysts with sleazy Reno club owner and chicken hawk Darby Reese (Josh Lucas).
Along the way he has a sordid sexual tryst with former first lady and alleged chicken hawk Frances Cleveland.
I do not advocate pulling out of Iraq now because the resulting civil war would be horrendous, but listening to right-wing Chicken Hawk propaganda, I am reminded daily of the phrase, ``live by the sword, die by the sword.
Since 97 percent of these heroes has never seen combat, including our commander in chief, I suggest that they replace the word French with the term Chicken Hawk.
Jose Obregon, 44, from Houston, Texas summed it up by saying, "So, basically, conservatives, republicansone and the same really 'Christians' and chicken Hawks are for it, whereas progressives and liberals are against it.
Instead of a Congress full of chicken hawks, a majority of whom never even came close to serving in the military, standing and cheering a young man who has served 10 tours of duty overseas, maybe one of them could have the courage to say that it is their fault he is in the condition that he is.
My uncle also had five guinea fowl to keep off the chicken hawks and sound an alarm if a fox approached the chicken house.
Their friendship began from just one of many letters to Berlin's candy bomber from a 7-year-old girl named Mercedes, who loved Der Schokoladen Flieger, but was concerned for her chickens, who thought the airlift planes were chicken hawks.
While George Bush and like-minded chicken hawks may want to "win," I'd rather have a solution that works.
Hunter/naturalists who pause to watch a pileated woodpecker might not mesh with guys whose can positively identify only chickens, chicken hawks, turkeys and "dickey birds.
A chapter titled "The Myths of Time," for example, attempts to debunk conventional gay wisdom about the Internet, chicken hawks, and youthcentric gay culture and instead columns every stereotype.