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farm where chickens are raised for sale

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Pino spoke about the chicken farm Wednesday during the Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce's annual economic summit at Barrington's White House.
Carmarthenshire Council has rejected an application for a free-range chicken farm in Llandeilo
Today, everyone is using this new development for their central heating system at chicken farms, animal pens, houses, factories, schools and so on," Rashid Zwaihed, owner of an olive press and director of the Al-Nahda Al-Elmiya School, told The Daily Star.
The Environment Agency has received a permit application from Richland Foods who want to operate an egg-laying chicken farm at Pengwedna Poultry Farm, Nancegollan, Helston, Cornwall TR13 0AZ.
Another chicken farm had tested positive for H5N8 on Friday.
A chicken farm should not be used to dispose of sensitive health documents, said Ron Kruzeniski, Saskatchewan's privacy and information commissioner, as he announced he was cancelling the agreement, according to media sources.
Meanwhile, Kristina Caro languished in Ukraine at her family's chicken farm, mourning the loss of her chicken Doggie.
The outbreak at the Minnesota chicken farm brings the total of affected birds to 35 million in 15 states, with Minnesota and Iowa poultry flocks hit the hardest.
CHICKEN RUN (2000) ANIMATED adventure 6 with Mel Gibson as the voice of rooster Rocky who promises to help hens at a chicken farm escape before they end up as pie filling.
6 CHICKEN RUN (2000) ANIMATED adventure with Mel Gibson as the voice of rooster Rocky who promises to help hens at a chicken farm escape before they end up as pie filling.
It is the second case of bird flu, or Avian influenza, in Japan less than a month, following the outbreak in mid-December at a chicken farm located 100 kilometers away from the site, which resulted in the slaughter of some 4,000 chickens.
7 million sqm of land to private investors to develop a chicken farm for investors to buy into next year.
Avian influenza was first detected a week ago on a broiler-breeder chicken farm in Chilliwack.
The transport of poultry and eggs throughout the Netherlands was banned on Sunday after an outbreak of bird flu was confirmed at a chicken farm in Hekendorp.
Britain said on Tuesday that tests had confirmed an outbreak of bird flu on a duck farm in northern England was the H5N8 strain, the same as the form of the virus which has hit a Dutch chicken farm and a German turkey farm.