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farm where chickens are raised for sale

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Gala Chicken Farm EOOD underwent an inspection in November 2013 and the labor inspectors uncovered several violations during the probe.
A farmer holds up an egg next to one of his hens at a chicken farm in Schleiden, Germany in this file photo.
has ruled against out-of-state environmental activists in a case against fourth generation family farmers brought by the New York-based Waterkeeper Alliance, alleging their chicken farm violated the Clean Water Act.
The hens were quarantined because of suspicion that an unidentified strain of bird flu hit a chicken farm in Hunter Valley.
Another armed force raided a chicken farm belonging to Abu Maria in Beit Za'ta and thoroughly searched it.
One of those projects was the Storage Planet development at a former chicken farm in Headcorn, Kent.
Sierad Corporation (Distribution and trade of chicken farm equipment, animal feed basic materials)
I've seen it first hand, while visiting and helping out with my sister's ex-husband's chicken farm in Oklahoma.
The first full solar PV panels went live at a chicken farm near Scunthorpe at the end of July and 2 Sisters expects to have its first wind turbines and biomass boiler installed by the end of the year.
She worked at Montgomery Ward and the First National Bank and as president of the Johnson Chicken Farm.
Operations includes chicken evisceration and processed food, hatchery farm, parent chicken farm, broiler farm, feed mill, processed food production and distribution and purchase-sale on raw material.
Chicken is no exception, beginning from the time of the First Fleet and moving forward via a chicken farm and all that happens there, to showing how the five areas of chicken production the source, the producer, the consumer, the product and the environment all have a role in the story of chicken inAustralia.
Margaret started her stint with the Land Army on July 7, 1944, and was initially based at Burbush House Farm in Burley, before being transferred to Hails Nursery in Hampshire and Sedberg chicken farm in Darlington.
AROW over a chicken farm is going all the way to the High Court.
Currently Iranian private sector is establishing a 12-million-dollar chicken farm in Turkmenistan.