chicken drumstick

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the lower joint of the leg of a chicken


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1 Chicken drumstick, no skin (2) 1 Chicken breast, skinless, roasted (1) 1 Flounder, broiled (3 oz.
And in Brazil the Guarani de Juazeirom club were also made to fork out a fine after a Horizonte player was hit by a chicken drumstick, which the match official managed to recover and post to the authorities with his match report.
The filth, dirt and downright dangerous food-handling practices discovered by health inspectors is enough to put anyone off their chicken drumstick.
The contract is for the supply of poultry meat and offal: fillet fresh, leg, chicken liver, chicken stomachs, chicken fresh bodies poultry, chicken drumstick, chicken wings, thigh of duck, breast of duck.
A vegetable skewer, tuna steak or skinless chicken drumstick are good alternatives to burgers and sausages.
A butcher pointed to a single chicken drumstick the size of a highlighter pen.
Andrea had to get over a bout of stage fright and worries about her "knobbly knees and chicken drumstick legs".
She didn't look like she wanted to be there - she'd rather have been eating a chicken drumstick.
THERE'S not a chicken drumstick in sight as Jonathan Rhys Myers gets his shirt off for The Tudors.
IF you are having a BBQ this weekend chances are, if you're like most people, it'll be ages before the food is served and your guests will be plastered before they pick up a chicken drumstick.
8 chicken drumsticks 200g plain flour 1 tsp ground ginger Sunflower oil, for deep-frying Coleslaw, to serve
com) has the strength and character to hold its own with dips and spreads, calamari with garlic mayonnaise and spicy chicken drumsticks.
Smokin' & Spice Pop up chefs from a fine dining background who'll be serving up some amazing street food such as Rye Beer Chicken Drumsticks & Honey Yoghurt plus Cajun Sweet Potato Fries & Fried Jalapenos.
Then to put the chicken drumsticks on, When almost cooked, we saw one was gone, A seagull had swooped down from the sky, So we last saw the chicken rising up high.
I lost that notebook for several months until I found it recently down the back of my sofa along with several chicken drumsticks.