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NEW CHICANE Armoy Road Race Clerk of the Course Bill Kennedy and Course Superintendent Alastair Glass pictured at the event's newly-constructed chicane located on the Hillside Road
Qualifying second on the grid behind his bamboo-engineering team-mate Darryl O'Young, Vaulkhard enjoyed a clean race, one which saw several cars crash out or cut the chicane.
Will somebody remove the bumps, chicanes and road narrowing?
In and out: Michele DeHavilland the Shells' through the chicane.
I thought there would be more people," said Emirati Nlwal Alapameemi, 22, who was waiting for Chicane.
The Spaniard is worried cars may suffer damage at a tight chicane on Turn 10 on the Marina Bay street circuit, which hosts the first night race in Formula One history.
Should the court decide to overrule Belgian Grand Prix stewards, who stripped Hamilton of victory at Spa this month and demoted him to third for cutting a chicane, then the McLaren driver could see his lead over Ferrari's Felipe Massa increase from one point to seven with four races remaining.
British Formula One racing driver, Lewis Hamilton, received a 25-second time penalty for cutting a chicane during this year's Belgian Grand Prix at Spa.
Edwards forced his way back into the lead on the final lap and held the advantage going into the last chicane but his dreams of a first MotoGP win were dashed when his bike hit the grass and he was thrown off within sight of the finish line.
Like the Grand Prix races Jenson competes in, Chicane will be a high-speed, high-impact racing experience that will squeeze every last drop out of Gizmondo's outstanding performance capabilities.
They negotiated a slide through a chicane onto the track's third-mile oval and slid through a sharp 270-degree turn along the third-mile oval's Turns 1 and 2, and then directly into a 90-degree right-hander back onto the track's back straight.
The track had its first alteration in 25 years due to this, and they added a chicane at Woodcote for the 1975 race.
The golfer's path to the first tee, and back from ninth to the tenth, is along the gravelled terrace, a chicane with a view, which is also inlaid with railway sleepers.
As the pack crossed the line to start the second lap, Rouse was right on King's tail, and kept a close eye on his rival for a lap and a half before making the move at the chicane on lap three.
Chicane - the man behind Saltwater, Offshore, No Ordinary Morning and, most recently, One Thousand Suns, (with Ferry Corsten) - is set to give you a New Year's Eve worth attending.