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inversion in the second of two parallel phrases

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15) Tim Armstrong's fascinating study of Hardy's poems written after Emma's death offers a model of mourning that involves textual incorporation based around the figure of chiasmus (Haunted Hardy [Basingstoke, Palgrave, 2000], pp.
Ontology and theology are held together in a kind of chiasmus.
In the space of this chiasmus, things in their closed forms reveal a non-self-identity or determinate negation that indexes the crisis of historical reflection and purpose to which Agamben refers in the epigraph.
To co-opt a chiasmus of Kant: moral arguments without moral passions are empty; but moral passions without moral arguments are blind.
A final challenge was to use Ciceronian word order leading to rhetorical devices such as chiasmus, anaphora, alliteration and emphatic positioning, while still keeping the meaning clear.
There's chiasmus, as in the "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country," the Kennedy/Sorenson ABBA pattern.
Steve Tomasula, VAS: An Opera in Flatland, University of Chicago, 2004 and Chiasmus, 2009
This attitude can be summarized with a chiasmus from Zhuangzi, the ancient Chinese Taoist: "Thing things without being thinged by things.
A punning takes place across this divide, a chiasmus represented by the date across which the person who creates (Dave and/or LM) and the space-time of creation (date and LM pottery works) are mutually constituted.
The first commandment--to have no other gods and not make idols--is in parallel with the tenth commandment and, through the chiasmus structure, has the same focus or force, commanding us not to covet our neighbour's possessions.
Within this structural chiasmus Moses states that the key to giving credit where it is due is remembrance.
clauses are marked infactedly by chiasmus, a rhetorical term that involves the effective transposition of key words--in this case, negotiate and fear.
ALLOW ME, THEN, TO STAGE AN IMAGE: The performative public of Sehgal's Guggenheim work forms a chiasmus with the public performative of Abramovic's recent activities.
Here Hendricks's chiasmus gently accuses Soyinka of aestheticizing politics, but because she does not develop the point, it is unclear what it means in relation to his essay.
with its repetitions, substitutions and centrally positioned chiasmus (the crossed "Es" and phonic repetition/difference between "S" and "Z') serves to foreground the author function--as well as what Calvino (1986: 111) calls "the .