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inversion in the second of two parallel phrases

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2013, <<L'ontologie des autres>>, entretien par Davide Scarso sur Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Chiasmi International, 14: 33-46.
15) Limitandome solo a lo disponible en ingles, italiano y castellano, cabe destacar los estudios sobre la relevancia de Merleau-Ponty para la ecologia y la ontologia, que arranca con numeros 2 y 8 de Chiasmi Internacional, la Analecta Husserliana del 2007, articulos en Logos, autoria de Alicia Pochelu (1992, 1993, 1998), otras contribuciones debidas a Mauro Carbone (2000), Maria del Carmen Lopez (2006), Renault Barbaras (2001, 2004), Buchanan (2008), las contribuciones en Johnson y Smith (1990), Evans y Lawlor (2000), Cataldi y Hamrick (2007), entre otros.
Reconstructing this or any of the other six elliptical chiasmi in the poem demonstrates the extent to which "Caliban upon Setebos," in the words of E.
The following articles are contained in this issue: Paola Ranzini's "I canovacci goldoniani per il TheAtre Italien secondo la testimonianza di un Catalogo delle robbe inedito"; Ilaria Crotti's "I chiasmi teatrali della 'Locandiera'"; Luisa Giari's "Le peripezie delle prime traduzioni del Tom Jones tra Francia e Italia"; and Anna Scannapieco's "Un sindaco a teatro.
Instead, Vail's study discovers a set of perhaps predictable chiasmi in their political and artistic lives, with Byron becoming more radical as Moore becomes less so, more Horatian as Moore becomes more Juvenalian, finding his poetic voice just as Moore loses his, and becoming more famous as Moore becomes less so.
Likewise; during the central prison scene a pairing of chiasmi opens a bifurcated response to the Duke.
This imprecision is inevitable and obvious, though significant, because of the received sense that antimetaboles and chiasmi should make for tidy and perfect inversions.