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of or relating to a chiasm

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05, we concluded that preoperative VA in brain tumor surgery was a significant prognostic factor, and directly contributed to better postoperative VA in the patients with chiasmatic meningeoma.
14) The contradictory coincidence of 'liberation' and 'addiction', the chiasmatic convergence of freedom and compulsion in this seeming banal bit of cover copy, gives a preliminary indication of some of the problems of the branding of female 'emancipation' in these novels.
Inserted at the end of the tenth of nineteen sections, it marks the exact center, crux, or chiasmatic turning point of the text:
The most common sites of tuberculous meningitis are the sylvian fissure, the chiasmatic cistern, and the perimesencephalic cistern.
Appropriation of flash as the critical term and figurative analogue for elucidating the nature of the cry, by Smith, results in overlooking some crucial aspects of the cry, namely, its aural/oral, chiasmatic (so contaminatingly con/tactile) as well as inter- and trans-corporeal character, both of which render it highly congruent with the nature of what it is supposed to be expressive of: the trace of differance (see Derrida 1976; 2001a, 85-6; and 2001b, 230), and "pas au dela" of undergoing the Impossibles.
Fineman describes this opening image as an "original moment of visual ideality" that undergoes linguistic fracture and consequently produces a violent chiasmatic desire that culminates in the rape (31).
Pattern of hemorrhage Location of aneurysm Anterior interhemispheric fissure Anterior communicating artery Chiasmatic cistern Carotid terminus Sylvian fissure MCA bifurcation 4th ventricle PICA
If the narrator expresses her thanks to this "butcher-and-recorder," it is because his paleography etches the signs of memory on to an entire landscape, embarking the narrator on a speleology that stands in a chiasmatic relation to his:
Exclusion criteria included the following: intraxial or extra-axial tumors other than small prechiasmatic and chiasmatic optic nerve gliomas, history of previous or ongoing radiation or chemotherapy, the presence of other disorders that have previously been described as possible factors that alter the size of the corpus callosum, and T2 signal abnormalities in the corpus callosum.
A bi-modal regression is documented even with chiasmatic involvement.
1) Pilomyxoid astrocytomas arise predominantly in a pediatric patient population, most often occur in the hypothalamic/ chiasmatic region, and demonstrate contrast enhancement on imaging studies.
Chiasmatic and achiasmatic meiosis in African eumastacid grasshoppers.
PMAs on the other hand, are reported to be located in the optic chiasmatic hypothalamic (OCH) area, with rare cases encountered in the suprasellar region, thalamus, posterior fossa, fronto-callosal and temporal area and the spinal cord (1, 2, 5, 8-9, 19, 22).
The Whole History of Grandfather's Chair is intensely concerned with slavery; indeed, slavery functions as the chiasmatic obverse (Best 13) to Hawthorne's constructions of Anglo-American freedom.