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Synonyms for chiasmal

of or relating to a chiasm

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Chiasmal crossing defects in disorders of binocular vision.
Its presentation is nonspecific and includes headache as well as visual field impairment due to chiasmal compression.
12] deficiency; other inflammatory disorders (sarcoidosis, vasculitis and lupus); infections; ischaemia (usually abrupt onset, painless, horizontal altitudinal field defect); and optic nerve, chiasmal or other local tumours.
The disproportion, which oscillates inflating/deflating subject and object relations in a chiasmal way, indicates a scarcity of sustainable relation, but the oscillation also outflanks anything that might forbid a bond between the relations to arise.
Visual field defects can broadly arise from lesions occurring pre-chiasmal, chiasmal or postchiasmal.