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an intersection or crossing of two tracts in the form of the letter X

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In addition, the manipulation and retraction of the optic nerve and the optic chiasm are reduced by adopting a medial-to-lateral trajectory in ETA.
Abnormal crossing of the optic nerve fibres at the optic chiasm is also a common feature in albinism.
When large, these lesions can distort the suprasellar cistern and compress or displace multiple structures including the optic chiasm and prechiasmatic optic nerves, internal carotid arteries, and pituitary stalk.
From autopsy findings in acute demyelinating disease, the spinal cord and optic chiasm reveal patches of demyelination and axonal degeneration associated with necrosis and cavitation.
In his last essay "The intertwining--the chiasm," Merleau-Ponty posed the idea of the body as a chiasmus, or crisscross, bringing together subjective experience and objective existence (Merleau-Ponty, 1964, 1968).
This lesion was located in the hypothalamic region and was compressing the optic chiasm, the right thalamus and basal ganglia structures, and the third ventricle, generating obstructive hydrocephalus.
Twelve-year-old Poppy, from Tamworth, was diagnosed at 14 months old with Optic Chiasm Glioma, a brain tumour behind the eye, a condition which gave her a 50 per cent chance of survival.
But the most remarkable feature of internal reflection here occurs in the figure of chiasm, that rhetorical pattern of ABBA elements, in this case in the penultimate line, "These flowery waters and these watery flowers.
Near the beginning of the chapter titled "The Intertwining--the Chiasm," he illustrates the interchange of subject and object as a "veritable touching of the touch, when my right hand touches my left hand while it is palpating the things, where the 'touching subject' passes over to the rank of the touched, descends into the things" (1968, 133-134).
The entire cyst was dissected carefully from the optic chiasm and cavenous sinus after Sylvian fissure dissection, but the calcified capsule of the cyst was removed subtotally.
There were a total of nine segments examined in each image two retrobulbar, two canalicular, two prechiasmal, the chiasm, and the two optic tracts," she said.
Finally, the essay uses vocabulary from Deleuze's film theory, and MerleauPonty's notions of chiasm and flesh to explain how the film's form reconciles nature and grace through specific image-juxtapositions, especially the multiple jump cuts between trees and water.
The outline of the psalm thus forms a perfect chiasm.
The coalescence of multiple granulomas in the brain parenchyma can produce space-occupying lesions, most commonly in the optic chiasm, floor of the third ventricle, and pituitary stalk, but can occur anywhere in the CNS.
During development, decreased melanin synthesis in the retinal pigment epithelium results in foveal hypoplasia and dysregulation of adjacent retinal ganglion cells, and consequently, misrouted decussation of the nerve fibres connecting the retina to the brain at the optic chiasm.