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a branch of applied mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of quantitative data and the use of probability theory to estimate population parameters

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Chi-square test of independence for two nominal variables
As shown in Table 3, the Chi-square test was used to verify the relationship between the PFGE pattern and sample type.
A chi-square test of independence was performed to examine the relation between income and annual expense on apparel.
According to the chi-square test, there is no meaningful relationship between political participation of women and internet usage, newspaper and magazines, satellite, radio but there is a relationship with T.
The low value 001 of Chi-square test clearly indicates that there is significant relationship between learning opportunities for women for career advancement and gender.
Although there wasn't a significant difference in the distribution of the CC and CG/GG genotypes in the patient or control groups according to the chi-square test and Fisher's exact test (p>0.
We also calculated the chi-square test to determine the association between mechanism of injury and TBI status.
Statistical descriptions were given to the measurement data, Student's t-test was used for comparisons between sample means, and a chi-square test was carried out for enumeration data.
A chi-square test of independence testing the relationship of the dichotomized student performance with test type (i.
From the white noise residual test table below we can see the null hypothesis that the residuals are not relevant cannot be rejected by chi-square test.
0 for windows software was used to find out the significance of the OR using 2x2 contingency table in Chi-square test with degrees of freedom (df) 1.