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Synonyms for cud

food of a ruminant regurgitated to be chewed again

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a wad of something chewable as tobacco

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Chewing the Cud Give Wraps: The 100% organic fabric Give Wraps ($16, 28" X 28") from Chewing the Cud feature lovely, modern designs and great color combos, including oranges, grays and mustard yellows.
All the things fans would really want - walking with direwolf, scaling The Wall, fighting Jamie Lannister, chewing the cud with Tyrion Lannister, playing with the baby dragons - are all missing.
They do so because they are tired, sick or injured - or most likely because they are chewing the cud, which is easier for them to do sat down.
And now, after three months she has been spotted on a CCTV camera happily chewing the cud in a field of maize.
I HAVE seen my Taurean friends go from chewing the cud to full-on red-rag-to-abull territory.
I have seen my Taurean friends go from chewing the cud to full on red rag to a bull territory but usually it's obvious what has caused the change.
In my personal opinion, the one thing we seem to have completely lost is the habit of all sitting together with our neighbours and chewing the cud over tasty food.
Stubborn cows should be firmly driven through the gate signposted 21st century and instructed that just chewing the cud is not enough any more.
If you find yourselves chewing the cud, you need to apply a pinch of salt to anything you hear.
Diesel versions are favourite but we shall be chewing the cud over the 2.
When I was youngster, I had occasion to walk through several farms and meadows where the cows and bulls were peacefully chewing the cud - whatever that is - and I never did notice the ozone layer being effected.
He's a consummate professional, as he showed in the Lord's Test, and a world-class cricketer who is humble enough to mingle happily with the punters who sit in and around the pavilion at New Road, chewing the cud.
I can recall my schooldays, when if anyone was caught by the headmaster chewing gum he would be told ``Take it out of your mouth boy, you are like a cow chewing the cud.
The damage they could do once they had been weaned off chewing the cud was frightening.