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Synonyms for cud

food of a ruminant regurgitated to be chewed again

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a wad of something chewable as tobacco

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Royhendo said: "I''d enjoyed chewing the cud with Ray about football for a few years, but having worked with him at close quarters for several months last year (albeit online), all I can say is that it was a privilege.
His book, Chewing the Cud, is an account of his failed farming career.
The scientists at Gramina - the joint biotech venture by New Zealand rural services group PGG Wrightson Genomics and the MPBCRC - are also developing a grass that will not only reduce the amount of methane cows burp up when chewing the cud, but also grow in warmer climates.
But the cow looked round in her mild way, chewing the cud all the time, her conscience as white as the milk she would soon be giving in the pail.
And there's nothing cool about moving your jaw up and down like a cow chewing the cud.
Or if the shoe is on the other hoof why not ask if you tag along rather than sit in chewing the cud while your other half is out there grazing with the herd?
1's bovine friend could be chewing the cud with a bull called Romeo if Federer carves up the opposition and retains the title.
It was 11pm and the crew were sitting around chewing the cud over Ciara when Peter tore into them over the night watches and their time keeping," said the source.
Certainly, Pears director of cricket Tom Moody could be forgiven a grin on his face as he sat chewing the cud at the Diglis End for most of the afternoon with his Kent counterpart, and fellow Western Australian, Ian Brayshaw.
Gertie appears blissfully unaware of her predicament and stunned animal welfare officers by chewing the cud contentedly on the small patch of grass where she landed.
Oh no it isn't" say the powers that be - just because sheep and cows have been happily chewing the cud around the masts for decades doesn't make any difference at all.