chewing gum

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a preparation (usually made of sweetened chicle) for chewing

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The launch of Rev7(TM) follows the application of Revolymer(R)'s chewing gum technology to functional chewing gums with the first goal to develop a nicotine gum with an improved taste to help people quit smoking.
Benefits of Chewing Gum," Nutrition Today 43(2), 75-81 (2008).
AN experiment to stamp out the costly menace of discarded chewing gum has come unstuck.
The Mayor of Besancon - Kirklees' twin town in France - was so impressed by the council's drive to combat chewing gum being dropped on the streets that he has introduced the system in his area.
The club has teamed up with Middlesbrough Council in a major campaign to crack down on discarded chewing gum.
Effects of chewing gum on salivary flow rate and acidogenic potential of dental plaque.
Lord Rooker, the Environment Minister and former Birmingham MP, has even set up a Chewing Gum Action Group.
Mr Roche said: "If you put a 100 per cent levy on chewing gum you might actually stop some people chewing but you wouldn't stop them spitting it out on the streets.
Q MY 14-year-old grand-daughter is permanently chewing gum and when I try to talk to her I am faced with her disgusting chomping.
The adored daughter of and heir to the fortune of the late Lord Cant has been kidnapped by her half-sister Lucy Wickwright, deemed a rebel, in this sequel to the Chewing Gum Rebellion story SECRET OF CASTLE CANT--at least, that's what the bulletin proclaims.
Over the past two years SPC Campbell has been involved in the formulation of a chewing gum that will reduce bacterial growth in the oral cavity and will benefit all Soldiers, especially the ones who cannot brush on a regular basis.
To combat bad breath, Wrigley is developing a new type of chewing gum that will contain zinc and copper--elements found naturally in some foods.
Durham City Council this week launched a You Drop It, You Cop it campaign, warning offenders who drop chewing gum in the city's streets that they face a pounds 50 fixed penalty fine.
From beer that was actually served cold thanks to PX coolers, to cigarettes and chewing gum that GIs could use while flirting with local girls, the PX had an undeniably positive effect on troop morale and overall quality of life.
Students who chewed gum had a significantly greater increase in their standardized math test scores after 14 weeks of chewing gum in math class and while doing homework compared to those who did not chew gum.