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biting and grinding food in your mouth so it becomes soft enough to swallow

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In order to achieve good food manipulation and transport, tongue and other tissue movements must be facilitated during mandibular movements for repositioning of mandibular teeth during sequential chewing strokes, (10) suggesting that wide, bilateral chewing cycles are related to better masticatory performance.
On the other hand, when the fish face left, the chewing cycle looks like an ellipse tilted at an angle, with the tongue moving in a clockwise direction.
Blood pressure, heart rate, skin temperature and subjective responses -- such as tingling sensations -- were assayed before, during and 20 minutes after each chewing cycle.
Graph 3 shows the chewing cycle characteristics for UPCB and NOccl groups, in which no significant differences could be observed (p > 0.
In order to allow for the comparable evaluation of the effect of chewing on satiety versus pre-masticated food, almonds were chosen as the model food and it was found that 25 chewing cycles produced food boluses containing separate particles of different sizes that could then be replicated mechanically for use in the human study.