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Synonyms for chew

chew something over


Synonyms for chew

Synonyms for chew

a wad of something chewable as tobacco

Related Words

biting and grinding food in your mouth so it becomes soft enough to swallow

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Manufactured by Meteora Ltd, the targets can be fixed to lampposts, walls or railings and contain a removable illustrated sheet where chewers can stick their gum rather than throw it on the ground, leaving an unsightly mess.
By providing GumTargets, we hope to encourage gum chewers to be responsible and dispose of their gum in a sensible and thoughtful way.
Dear Denver: You say you never have met another cheek chewer.
But if BA are going to be consistent, then presumably all the paper rustlers, sweetie chewers, and sleepy heads are going to be bumped off the flights for ever.
During preliminary studies in India among chewers of tobacco-containing betel quids, researchers at the British Columbia, Cancer Research Center in Vancouver have found various oral doses of vitamin A and beta carotene not only cause remission of precancerous areas called oral leukoplakias, but also prevent new lesions from forming.
Osama throws a bag and gloves at a group of qat chewers sitting underneath a bush on edge of the park.
Stride is for all gum chewers and delivers a unique long lasting chewing experience with a soft texture consumers love.
We have already had a national summit this year, which formulated the idea to cover the estimated pounds 150m that councils across the country have to spend because the gum chewers simply cannot be bothered to dispose of the gooey, sticky mess where it will not be a problem.
He said that qat leaves contain the amphetamine-like chemical cathinone, which is why qat chewers are often addicted.
The Tap was then up-graded and became the Mews, popular with the younger end, rather than the old twist chewers and their spitoons.
We're giving back memories to gum chewers with the reintroduction of the flavors they remember from their childhood," said Daniel Antico, Marketing Director at Cadbury Adams USA LLC.
Young gum chewers are invited to see how their bubbles measures up as part of a national contest.
GUM chewers have got really stuck into a project aimed at keeping Huddersfield's streets clean.
Wives of habitual chewers have virtually become lone parents due to their husband's spells in "khat dens".