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someone who chews (especially someone who chews tobacco)

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Miraa chewers in Meru county are displeased with a KDF officer's warning that chewing the substance leaves teeth discoloured.
Aggressive chewers can splinter objects and swallow large pieces that can choke a dog, cause life-threatening bowel obstructions, or tear the lining of the intestines.
In contrast, based on an experimental study of 17 people (eight khat chewers and nine non-chewers), Al-Hebshi and Al-Ak'hali [17] showed khat chewing to have antiplaque and antigingivitis properties; similarly, Jorgensen and Kaimenyi [18] found that the oral hygiene status of khat chewers was better than that of non-chewers, and that there was no evidence that khat chewing was detrimental to periodontal health.
The authors of this report stated that the absence of trismus in betel chewers may not effectively rule out unanticipated difficult intubation.
Secretary General IDA, speaking on the partnership, said "TII centres are the first of their kind in India, with dentists promoting higher standards of oral health by enabling smokers/tobacco chewers to overcome their addiction.
The other site is interactive, featuring video and a quit program tailored to the individual chewer.
A short time after forming the wad, the chewer experiences a feeling of alertness, energy and euphoria.
Somehow, a chewer always ends up in every picture you take.
If you have a dedicated chewer get him a black Kong--they are the toughest.
If a gum chewer knows they're already paying 5p extra to clean it up they might think they have every right to spit it out anywhere.
As an occasional betel nut chewer, I note that the report "Palm-Nut Problem" (SN: 1/15/05, p.
Although I have no sympathy for the culprits, I cannot help but ponder on the argument of cost, and as to the smoker being public enemy No 1, surely if it is cost that determines the penalty then this title must go to to the chewer, as there is little doubt it costs a lot more money to clear up blobs of chewing gum than it does to sweep up a few fag ends.
Dentists can often recognize the mouth of a gum chewer by its changes.
The basis of change in lipid profile in tobacco chewer is the sympathomimetic effect of nicotine.