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someone who chews (especially someone who chews tobacco)

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In contrast, based on an experimental study of 17 people (eight khat chewers and nine non-chewers), Al-Hebshi and Al-Ak'hali [17] showed khat chewing to have antiplaque and antigingivitis properties; similarly, Jorgensen and Kaimenyi [18] found that the oral hygiene status of khat chewers was better than that of non-chewers, and that there was no evidence that khat chewing was detrimental to periodontal health.
I was told by an experienced chewer that if one wants to return to normal immediately after the qat session, there is a remedy.
Chewers, let's be honest, is there a woman who looks elegant with balloon cheeks?
We just have to get the message across to the chewer that if they put it in the bin we would not have this problem at all.
Severson, a senior scientist at Eugene's Oregon Research Institute, doesn't partake himself, but his research has introduced him to chewers who keep a dip in 24/7 - even when they eat, even when they sleep.
Although I have no sympathy for the culprits, I cannot help but ponder on the argument of cost, and as to the smoker being public enemy No 1, surely if it is cost that determines the penalty then this title must go to to the chewer, as there is little doubt it costs a lot more money to clear up blobs of chewing gum than it does to sweep up a few fag ends.
Qat chewing phases Qat gives the chewer a strong focus and a desire to talk.
Extra Ice with a Liquid Burst, available in both peppermint and spearmint, provides the chewer with ultra-fresh breath, according to a three-month TV campaign, starting this month.
For years, experts thought that the cancer risks associated with betel chewing stemmed from tobacco in betel quid or from the high likelihood that a betel chewer would also be a tobacco smoker.
To sit opposite a gum chewer is both fascinating and disgusting and our pavements testify to the addicts' anti-social behaviour.
rex as the chewer have shown no sign of healing, says John W.
It's being used as a variation on the energy drink, providing a caffeine boost to the chewer.
While four of the tykes ( gluttonous Augustus Gloop, spoilt brat Veruca Salt, championship gum chewer Violet Beauregarde and know-it-all Mike Teavee ( greedily devour everything in sight, young Charlie Bucket marvels at the sights and delicious smells of the sugary paradise.
Also, parallel tooth marks left by one bite indicate that the chewer had teeth spaced between 10 and 17 mm apart, a measurement also emblematic of Majungatholus.
According to the retailer, its Edinburgh Chewer store sells more condoms per square foot of store than any other Asda in Britain.