cheval glass

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a full length mirror mounted in a frame in which it can be tilted

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The camera moves through this space like a slow but firm pen stroke; and as it does so, congregations of hand-size statuary seem to group and regroup, pieces of furniture crowd together or disperse, and an all-seeing cheval glass, standing watch in one corner, reflects back an author who can occupy three or four bodies at once.
10:9 place isn't (Eng ed) ( 4) 23:12 rare with him 41:13 rare in him (V) 27:11 rare with him (Eng ed) ( 5) 23:32 Ay 41:37 Ah (V) 28:19 Ay (Eng ed) ( 6) 23:45 turns me cold 42:14 turns me quite cold (V) 29:15-16 turns me cold (Eng ed) ( 7) 26:19-20 cheval glass 71:.