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(of hair or feathers) of brown tinged with chestnut

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Mesonotum with two narrow, weakly-defined, parallel, medial chestnut-brown pruinose vittae on dorsal surface, extending from anterior margin to region of anterior dorsocentral seta socket; anterior dorsocentral seta much shorter and finer than medial scutellar seta; reclinate supra-alar seta, slightly shorter than posterior dorsocentral seta; thoracic pleurae silver-grey, yellow pruinose in their centres; postpronotum silver-grey pruinose, with 8-10 fine black-brown setulae; anepisternum silver-grey pruinose, with yellow pruinose patches medially, with 19-20 fine setulae, the 5 larger grouped together at posterodorsal margin; katepisternum with dorsal katepisternal seta ca 0.
BRITAIN'S most common owl (40,000-strong), tawnies are chestnut-brown mottled grey, with jet black eyes.
Symptoms include small, chestnut-brown spots--commonly referred to as nailhead rust--that appear on fruit, leaves, and green twigs of afflicted trees.
If you're lucky, as we were, you might be treated to a truly incongruous sight: a herd of chestnut-brown bison casually munching on that emerald grass.
7 inches) in diameter with up to four and a half whorls, and has a white to pinkish tint with a chestnut-brown shoulder band.
They share the same up-turned nose, the same chestnut-brown hair, the same eyes and that same mischievous smile.
CONTINUED FROM LAST WEEK A VAST circle of spellbound foxes surrounded the Palm House, each of them gazing with their chestnut-brown eyes up at the radiant panes.
They are compact, rounded, chestnut-brown and are well known for their spectacularly loud song, compared with the size of their incredibly tiny bodies.
And if the chestnut-brown beauty is in the mood for a late-summer revamp we reckon she'd make a great blonde.
O'Hanlon's Port Stout is CAMRA's Champion Bottled Beer of Britain 2007 - dark, chestnut-brown with hints of mocha, chocolate and roasted malt and sweetness from a dollop of ruby port.
It is rat-sized with a blunt nose, chestnut-brown fur, short, rounded ears and a long hair-covered tail.
Christine says: "I've used a semi-permanent chestnut-brown shade and then some lighter copper and gold shades to highlight the layers.
And she has no plans to chop her shoulder-length chestnut-brown hair.
The 10-year-old had her chestnut-brown tresses loped off during a whirlwind shopping trip to London.