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The Chestnut Tree follows the current trend of open plan countrycum-bistro style eating
A spokeswoman for Lichfield District Council said: "On May 26, strong winds blew down a branch of a horse chestnut tree on Beacon Park.
Call them chestnutphiles - those dedicated folks who spend countless hours in the long campaign to return the American chestnut tree to its former health and glory.
There are also worries that conkers -the nut of the horse chestnut tree -will be too soft or small for traditional combat.
If you're younger than 60, chances are you've never seen a chestnut tree, held its spiky burr in your hand, or harvested its golden nuts and glorious lumber.
5 billion ash trees on the continent, making this pest potentially as destructive as the chestnut tree blight or Dutch elm disease.
Sporting Chestnut Tree and Finham Park Alvis completed their Premier Two programmes with welcome victories over Hastings and Squirrel FC respectively while Coventry Jaguar Reserves ended their disappointing Senior One campaign with three hard earned points from Broad Street HG at Daimler Green.
COUNCIL bosses have been blasted for removing ALL the conkers from a giant chestnut tree - despite a girl of four suffering a fractured skull when she walked under it.
Mike Killoran, from Tan-y-Fron, Abergele, carved 24ft Gerry from a dead sweet chestnut tree.
SAFETY FIRST: Tree surgeon Alan Knaggs stripping a chestnut tree of its conkers to prevent climbing accidents.
Screened by the wayside chestnut tree, the village PC stands
The annual event, which began at 10am and lasted some way beyond its official finishing time of 1pm, raised funds for Racing Welfare charities and the Chestnut Tree House Appeal.
Chestnut trees found in the woods today are not really trees in the original sense, but shoots that have sprouted from old chestnut tree stumps.
WESTBORO - The sun shone brightly the morning of June 15, a fitting complement to the potential rebirth of the once-thriving American chestnut tree.