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Synonyms for drainage

Synonyms for drainage

emptying something accomplished by allowing liquid to run out of it


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These patents are directed to chest drainage devices that include, among other features, dry suction technology and/or dry seal technology, key technological innovations that Genzyme has introduced to the market over the past decade.
This self-study activity, approved by AACN and administered by Atrium free of charge, is designed to provide registered nurses with information about chest drainage.
After injection of the dye into the atrial lines, bluish discolouration was identified in their chest drainage.
Management of such cases should associate antibiotic treatment with chest drainage.
Contracts include Central Venous Access, Respiratory, Anesthesia Airway and Chest Drainage Products
Areas under this framework include: Seldinger chest drainage sets, Thoracic chest drainage bottles, Chest drainage bags, Indwelling pleural catheter drainage, Thoracentesis drainage sets, Pleural/thoracic catheter, Closed system wound drainage, Silicon drains and tubing, Catheter wound drainage, Drainage corrugated sheets, T-shaped Kehrs tube, Biliary drainage catheters, Miscellaneous.
In the first two hours postoperatively, chest drainage was 365 ml/h and two doses of 50 [micro]g/kg rVIIa were given two hours apart.
Premier Purchasing Partners, LP, today announced new agreements for chest drainage products have been awarded to Atrium Medical Corporation of Hudson, N.
Teleflex Medical Celebrates 40 Years of Health Leadership with New Mobile Chest Drainage Unit
awarded a dual-source agreement to Teleflex Medical for its complete line of Pleur-evac(R) chest drainage systems and thoracic catheters.
Batteries adjustable chest drainage 2 + 2 l (glass) min.
The PleuraFlow System enables caregivers to actively keep chest drainage tubes clear of clot in the early hours after heart surgery.
Teleflex Medical has been an incumbent supplier for chest drainage at Novation.