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the cavity in the vertebrate body enclosed by the ribs between the diaphragm and the neck and containing the lungs and heart

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The chest cavity was pierced causing air and blood to go in the cavity.
The surgical procedure was strenuous as the area left to perform the surgery within the chest cavity was limited.
In the thorax injuries, when only chest wall was involved, debridement and dressing was done but when chest cavity was injured and there was haemothorax or pneumothorax then chest intubation was done.
The best shot is to the shoulder, aiming to break bone and penetrate on into the chest cavity.
What name is given to the layer of muscle which separates the chest cavity from the abdomen?
The card represents the brain vault, the circle the chest cavity.
The report also stated that the detainee had abrasions all over his body, a brain hemorrhage, fractures to the ribs, and bleeding in the chest cavity.
Viking Solutions keeps making field dressing a deer even easier with the introduction of the Deer Splitter--a tool that lets you quickly split the chest cavity and pelvis with 19 times the normal force, What this means is that you can now keep your hands and knife outside the deer during the process.
Viking Solutions has a new tool that takes the difficulty out of splitting the chest cavity and pelvic bone of big game animals.
The annals of the case are summed up in that the accused had killed the victim who belongs to the same nationality in June 2012 at the Marina Club in Manama in the aftermath of a dispute by stabbing the victim into the chest with a knife which pierced the chest cavity, tore the heart muscle and caused bleeding which led to the victim's demise.
That, of course, is when the deer is in a position where the broadhead can penetrate the side of the deer's rib cage and enter the chest cavity at an angle that can slice through both lungs.
In most cases, cardiologists no longer implant pacemakers by opening the chest cavity.
The elephant's respiratory system is quite exceptional as it lacks a pleural cavity and lungs are directly attached to the walls of the chest cavity.
QWHY AA COLLAPSED lung occurs when a hole in the lung allows air to escape into the chest cavity.