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a checkerboard used to play chess

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The chessboards were made out of vinyl self-adhesive tile and Masonite.
Obviously, customers will not stay as long if they need to go outside for a smoke," said Nikos Louvros, who owns a trendy central Athens bar, with laptops and chessboards.
du entertained visitors to 'The Walk' in Dubai with magicians, stilt walkers, human statues and giant chessboards.
A GOOD MOVE, MATE: A-level student Moray Vincent from Billingham was king of the Cleveland chessboards again in November 1983 after the 18-year-old had added another title to the long list he had won since taking up the game seven years previously.
Students select from various media to complete their chessboards and background imagery.
New in Fritz 8 Deluxe: -- Kasparov training videos, The Queen's Gambit -- 6 brand-new highly detailed TRUE 3D chessboards plus the "Spanish Room" playing environment.
It's no coincidence that those chequered tablecloths look like chessboards.
Local master Joe Ormrod played against all of the youngsters playing on 20 chessboards.
The puzzles also extend to three-dimensional chessboards.
Outside, there's a heated swimming pool with lap lanes and spa, arts and crafts cabana, covered patios, human-scale chessboards and bocce ball courts.