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a checkerboard used to play chess

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Pichushkin, 33, originally said he planned 64 killings - one for each chessboard square.
Not only did students have to draw a chessboard in proper one-point perspective, they also had to design their own pieces to the game.
As with so many other issues over the past 20 years, the right wing had captured and defined the debate, and no answering team had emerged on the chessboard.
Over a chessboard or in a diplomatic conference room, players strive for even the slightest advantage that would tilt a game's outcome in their favor.
Exquisitely crafted to hold a place of prestige on any table or display case, this premium quality chessboard depicts the eternal struggle between the good and evil dragons of the Dungeons & Dragons game.
Contract notice: Implementation of security ceiling cave chessboard against uncontrolled heart attack, project life + carrying out necessary conservation work on the territory of the chessboard cave a designated within natura 2000 / finish treatments of nature conservation in the special area of conservation natura 2000 patchwork - life12 nat / e / 000012.
The chessboard exercise was a way to prepare them for this trip.
But in a recent study aimed at developing ultra-fast transistors using graphene, the researchers from the UCLA Department of Physics and Astronomy and the California NanoSystems Institute show that dividing space into discrete locations, like a chessboard, may explain how point-like electrons, which have no finite radius, manage to carry their intrinsic angular momentum, or 'spin.
We had a sample chessboard for students to use as a template.
Hull's tiger stripes and Falkirk's pale blue/dark blue chessboard affair, which was probably the real reason why Chris Waddle headed for the exit after four games at the club.
Andersson has enjoyed considerable success as an owner in Scandinavia, but today's Classic is the biggest race in which his chessboard colours have been carried.
Pandering to the super rich and their offshore bank accounts - money shufflers - is the No 1 priority and the democratic masses are regarded as the equivalent of pawns on a chessboard, they are expendable.
After the 63rd fold, the final square on the chessboard, the piece of paper is 131 billion miles thick.
It is now the Islamic Republic's turn to make the next move," the top Iranian diplomat said, Pointing to the fact that Western powers have now made their move on the political chessboard.
We all, the well-set pawns on a chessboard, would scatter