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a checkerboard used to play chess

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A number of techniques have been developed for solving N-queens chessboard problem.
To find the laser light plane parameters without knowing the laser and camera exact positions relative to each other and the distance from the ground the laser line is projected on chessboard pattern with different poses of the chessboard pattern relative to the camera (Fig.
Figure 2 illustrates the only distinct chessboard labelling where D is one knight move away from E (all the others being translations, rotations, and reflections).
The father then contacted the faculty advisor at Barrasso's school, who helped Barrasso locate an adapted chessboard for the blind so he could play against sighted students.
A crystal clear etched-glass tabletop adorns the chessboard, held high by four empty tequila bottles.
How can a knight make a complete tour of a chessboard, visiting each square once and only once, and ending up a knight's move from its starting square--so that the circuit is continuous?
Machine vision is also needed for robotics to automatically identify different chess pieces on a chessboard and spot their location.
Unfortunately for Hamas, the Gaza Strip is a pawn on the Middle East chessboard, to be used by regional powers when it suits them.
Ninette de Valois' Checkmate is a stark piece of drama played out on a chessboard.
An answer might be found in the ancient chessboard problem.
Hull's tiger stripes and Falkirk's pale blue/dark blue chessboard affair, which was probably the real reason why Chris Waddle headed for the exit after four games at the club.
Pandering to the super rich and their offshore bank accounts - money shufflers - is the No 1 priority and the democratic masses are regarded as the equivalent of pawns on a chessboard, they are expendable.
But in a recent study aimed at developing ultra-fast transistors using graphene, the researchers from the UCLA Department of Physics and Astronomy and the California NanoSystems Institute show that dividing space into discrete locations, like a chessboard, may explain how point-like electrons, which have no finite radius, manage to carry their intrinsic angular momentum, or 'spin.
We had a sample chessboard for students to use as a template.