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checkerboard and a set of 32 pieces used to play chess

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As they learn and progress through Chess Adventure, players will "build" their own chess set, receiving pieces for successfully completing challenges and unlocking additional, increasingly difficult scenarios.
Therefore, it is no surprise to find within the pages of the catalogue not only a selection of completely new themes but also a capsule collection of chess sets in a brand new Ivoirine finish.
Brian actually got his first chess set - a foldable board with small plastic pieces - for Christmas in 1993, before he saw ``Waiting for Bobby Fischer.
29 through April 17, 2016 and will feature chess sets by Yoko Ono; Jennifer Shahade, a two-time U.
Signed examples of Jacques chess sets are particularly sought after, the earlier ones being the prizes.
By the late 18th century, there was a plethora of complicated designs for chess sets and this started causing difficulties in the international chess matches which were becoming increasingly common.
com)-- Mountain Ash Enterprise LLC, has selected a wide variety of chess sets which are available to anyone ranging from the beginner, to the true chess afficionado.
Instant expert THE market for rare, complete chess sets and similar games is limited, but when they do come up for auction the prices are often very high.
THE complexities of the game of chess have always eluded me, but that''s not to say I don''t appreciate the qualities and collectability of antique chess sets.
The Namibia Chess Federation (NCF) is 550 chess sets richer after Bank Windhoek this week handed over the sets to be distributed to schools in the south.
But there are others going shopping, too, such as the witch who needs to buy a recipe book and Santa whose long list includes bracelets and chess sets.
Redcar MP Vera Baird, and English Chess Federation President, Normanby resident Gerry Walsh, delivered 10 chess sets to St Peter's RC College of Maths and Computing in South Bank.
SCHOOLS across Warwickshire are to be given new chess sets to try to get more youngsters interested in the game.
The English Chess Federation, working in partnership with manufacturers, is providing 250,000 free chess sets to schools across the country - the equivalent of ten sets per school.