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someone who plays the game of chess

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There are around 370 chess players who participated, which makes this the largest level of participation in the championship.
If this sounds confusing, that's because the visuals are key to understanding platform positions and players: diagrams display a conventional chess board with a linear traditional set-up of chess players and the coordinates of a classical chess board, and then photos support non-linear setups, from non-linear uniform setups to non-linear non-uniform and beyond.
I believe it was the first time a blind chess player participated in such a competition in Singapore.
I am eagerly looking forward to this exciting event," Pakistan best-ever chess player, Lodhi commented.
Ruiz (2006) found that after the implementation of four ACT sessions with an international-level chess player, the reported interference and believability of unwanted private events in decision making was reduced, and the player noticeably improved his performance according to an objective chess performance measure (ELO points).
Besides men players, eight women players will also be invited to take part while Open entry in the event can be availed by recognized chess players on payment of Rs.
The tournament, which will be known as the Arab Elite Chess tournament, will be contested by top chess players from Arab countries.
A TALENTED young chess player at a city preparatory school has won her category of county competition.
Stating that improving one's game is a combination of tactics analysis, quick thinking, and general practice, Dan Heisman gives a guide for anyone who wants to play better to win, making "A Guide to Chess Improvement" invaluable to novice and intermediate chess player with a thirst for improvement.
Such a competition requires major chess skills, but it is also very athletic as the chess player trying to set the record must stay on his feat and walk a huge distance over many hours.
Any avid chess player who would absorb knowledge of the game beyond the rules will appreciate a unique approach that examines the basic characteristics of each piece and shows how the piece can be used to win pieces or give checkmate.
BAHRAIN national team chess player Maher Ayyad defeated Hussain Bu Khalaf in one of the opening matches of the Bahrainis Chess Championship, being held at the Bahrain Mind Sports Association premises in Muharraq.
In other words, like an accomplished chess player, the poker pro can minimise the game's randomness by ensuring his bets do not exceed a certain mathematically-determined size.
Garry Kasparov has had an extraordinary career as a professional chess player and many consider him the most successful champion of all times.
Vera Baird said: "I won't pretend I'm a chess player myself but I know many children love it.