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the act of moving a chess piece

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Some plastinates are authentically posed playing soccer or basketball, pondering a chess move, swimming and running, allowing visitors to comprehend the interconnectedness of the muscle, organ and vascular systems and view them in various positions.
This is just a political chess move to defend himself and just shows how out of touch he is.
He revealed that he knew about the rescue mission a day in advance, when he was sent a cryptic message disguised as a chess move by satellite phone.
Nobody knew what they were doing, apart from the players but it did give us the only slow motion action replay of a chess move to be shown on the national news.
It is fascinating that any human has the capacity to do a better job than a high-power computer at foreseeing the potential outcome of a chess move.
In other words, Deep Blue, like a human being, does not have to search out each and every possible chess move to discover the best option; it has the ability, programmed in its software, to recognize useless possibilities and discard them along the way, a function that increases its efficiency.
For one thing, it can calculate farther out along the "trees" of possibility created by any given chess move.
Our next chess move was to get dropped off early the next afternoon, since the deer were still coming out at around 3 p.
Perhaps it was another chess move by the Lebanese Forces, but the message was unmistakable: The party would side with Hezbollah and Berri to torpedo the 1960 law, regardless of whether this might lead to a constitutional vacuum, and regardless of whether it helps ensure that March 14 will not win a majority in the next Parliament.
It was a striking image: an Icelandic clergyman playing, by candlelight, a chess move devised by a Pembrokeshire sea captain.
Though it is not difficult to criticize the plans as "over ambitious", the municipality overstepping into the telecoms arena may be a political chess move.
You need to be able to pull off that champion chess move while blood is pouring from your nose.
The evil pair keep their fellow jailbirds awake at night by shouting chess moves to each other through the walls of their cells.
Hydra can be configured for a range of super-computing tasks beyond chess, such as DNA and finger-print matching, code breaking, space travel calculations and other complex tasks, such as filing tax returns on-line Hydra can process 200 million chess moves a second, and has the ability to project six moves beyond Deep Blue.
The sneakiest example occurs when the Knight thinks he is confessing to a Father and tells all, including some razzle-dazzle chess moves he plans to use.