chess match

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a match between chess players

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It's like watching a chess match in which the pieces are captured and bleed into the board.
It was not immediately clear if Mr Fischer would be extradited to the US, where he is wanted for attending a 1992 chess match in the former Yugoslavia in violation of international sanctions.
Fischer, 61, who was indicted by a grand jury in 1992 for attending a chess match in Yugoslavia in violation of international sanctions, was stopped at Tokyo's Narita International Airport on Tuesday.
David Quintana, left, and Janet Landa engage in a tense lunch-time chess match at San Fernando High School.
AC MILAN 0 INTER MILAN 0 IT was billed as the battle of Milan but this was more of a chess match than a streetfight.
It's a very intellectual sport; a physical chess match between men.
Scouts of all ages will gather at the new facility to take part in a human chess match, which will include current scouts and distinguished guests as the pieces.
LIVERPOOL lord mayor Cllr Paul Clark made the first move to start the UK-China Summit chess match at St George's Hall.
Tuesday night's chess match at Highbury confirmed that Manchester United and Arsenal have given up the ghost in the title race and both will have regarded a point as a valuable commodity in their bid to finish as high as possible.
It was "The Chess Match of the Century" - but meant much more.
Having broken UN sanctions by taking part in a chess match in Serbia against, ironically, Boris Spassky, he now appears to hate the United States as much as he once loathed communism, and, as the authors put it, 'inhabits a twilight world of Holocaust denial, persecution complexes and conspiracy theories.
4) Armen Arakelov reaches for a knight as he plays a chess match at Java City.
But Burns was furious about the Ford Focus driver turning the race into a chess match.
The chess match against the CPU will challenge even the best as CONIT's chess algorithm knows everything there is to know about the game.
The middle rounds resembled a chess match as both boxers sought to prise open each other's superb defence.