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a chess player of great skill

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The USCF made it official last month, proclaiming Carissa a chess master and record-breaker.
The pair have been guided through the competitions by their proud chess master, Stuart Norman.
This weekend's Point-to-Point Owners' & Riders' Club meeting - the sole fixture in the list held over two days - has made more moves than a chess master in recent years and has not taken place during the past two seasons due to freezing conditions.
Chess master and youngest winner of the world championship, aged 22.
IBM's Deep Blue had triumphed over chess master Garry Kasparov in 1997, but chess is not "Jeopardy"
The action pits a Soviet chess master against a champion from the West, though the real battle takes place away from the board.
International chess master James Rizzitano presents Play the Najdorf Sicilian, an advanced chess strategy guide to the Najdorf Sicilian tactic for Black-an aggressive maneuver that is not easily countered, but that can be counterattacked to deadly effect.
Russia without Putin," chanted the crowd, including former chess master Garry Kasparov, one of the Kremlin's harshest critics who co-heads the democratic, pro-western Solidarity movement.
Because whilst you may perceive that you are a chess master and your moves will outwit your opponents, someone may see right through them, doing little for your credibility.
The survey also found there's been a hike in those naming their children after national sporting events like Chess Master and Ice Skating Hero.
5 -- color) Chess master Bobby Fischer died in Iceland at 64.
Kristen Rhodes, Age 18, Chess Master Metzger, Emmaus High School, Emmaus, PA.
Bulgaria to invite chess master Bobby Fischer to competition
One of the very first attempts to examine what it means to be an expert came when famous chess master Adrian de Groot investigated mastery in his field.