chess board

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a checkerboard used to play chess

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The life-sized chess board exhibition explains the origins of the Welsh princes, from the pillar of Eliseg through to the latter day princes of Wales, as well as the seat and kneeler used in the 1969 investiture.
The Pyramid Chess Board allows traditional chess to be played on a four-tiered surface, greatly adding to the entertainment value.
The chess board should now be coloured and the players diversified.
Built with a mix of oak and brick, the building features one-of-a-kind elements and public amenities, including an open plaza area with wooden benches and tables, a 1929-era Ford truck and a three-story high chess board.
You, too, have a few things to do when making your fly look alive under the squares of your chess board.
The single "instrument" in the concert is a chess board wired to play different selections of music according to individual squares.
Cubs battle it out on the chess board | These youngsters were among 35 cubs from the Holme Valley district competing in a chess tournament at Netherthong Primary School.
Ideally you want to see a deeply entrenched frown, a glare of concentration like Garry Kasparov over a chess board, and lips so tightly pursed you could crack open a bottle of Budweiser in them.
As the authors point out, the upheaval in markets, technology and compliance management are just sonic of the pieces on the financial chess board that need to be considered.
President Barack Obama are at the chess board again, addressing the American people, congressional leaders and the world at large on the threat of a strike against Syria.
The five-decade employee of USCF (under 15 executive directors), explains why she helps as a volunteer each year at the blind championship first contested in 1977, and demonstrates a Braille chess board and set in her first Scoop video.
And if Stuart Wheeler wants proof, then find a chess board & I'll kick his.
To begin my composition, I started with the chess board that the whole Through the Looking Glass is based on.
But working out where each plane goes once it lands is still worked out the old fashioned way - using little counters moved around a map of the airport marked out like a chess board.
APPRENTICE finalists Leah Totton and Luisa Zissman swap the boardroom for the chess board as they plot their final moves ahead of the climax to the series.