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variety of silica containing microcrystalline quartz

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The artefactual sequences from Yombon are composed of both formal and amorphous stone tool assemblages knapped primarily from local chert and obsidian imported from the Talasea and Mopir areas (Pavlides 1993).
However, it is likely that quartz was ranked below chert in terms of overall raw material quality, given that much quartz in southwest Tasmania exhibits flaws.
The experimental cutting of a hieroglyph into a granite block in Aswan, with flint chisels and punches, allowed comparisons with the flint tools used in the Manchester tests, and elsewhere (Zuber 1956: 180, figures 18-20; Stocks 1986b: 27-9; 1988: II, 262-4, plate XXIV, b), and also with similar tools made from Egyptian chert (Mohs 7), a flint-like stone also thought to have been in use for cutting stones in ancient times.
The geology is pre Cambrian VMS, with the gold associated with quartz veinlets in chert layers.
Extensive Middle Paleolithic chert extraction in the Qena area (Egypt), in R.
Some of the material, such as obsidian and chert flakes and stone that was shaped into cutting tools, is available only on other islands in the Bismark Archipelago and, according to Kirch, confirms previous evidence for long-distance trading by the Lapita.
Building sections are included in the following market: - Concrete skinny on bottom of the excavation and installation of chert in the insulation under the slab; - Excavation for the execution of gels or by surprofondeures; - Bearing structure of reinforced concrete and masonry; - Drainage (drainage) and sealing the basement; - Second-masonry work.
Researchers excavated the Asian fossils - as well as 17 miniature stone blades, the remains of several animal species, a number of bone tools, bits of charcoal and fragments of quartz and chert - in 1982 in a cave on Sri Lanka, an island off the southeastern coast of India.
Anomalous gold samples were also found by Royal Gold in the central portion of this claim block to the east of the prominent "Jagged Tooth" chert ridge.
In this, men were expressing their wish that the chert they were knapping would fracture cleanly to give good sharp flakes.
Scientists say it is about 420 million years old, some 20 million years older than what had previously been believed to be the oldest breathing animal -a spider-like creature chiselled out of the chert, a type of rock, at Rhynie, also Aberdeenshire.
The researchers found many items unobtainable on the cay, such as gray obsidian, jade, chert, granite and mainland limestone.
The base of the group, Division I, is composed of mainly chert and black argillite, with lesser sandstone, siltstone, diorite and diabase sills, and bedded quartz-pyrite-barite exhalites.
The Morton 11 #2 was deepened to 11,000 feet and is currently testing the Devonian chert at approximately 10,700 feet.