cherrystone clam

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small quahog larger than a littleneck

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The Bar Harbor(R) portfolio of products includes several unique, one-of-a-kinds such as certified whole Maine lobster meat, whole Maine Cherrystone Clams, Lobster Newburg, and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified Chowders and Bisques.
The raw bar also features cherrystone clams, shrimp cocktail and lobster tails.
Cherrystone clams sold individually, by the dozen and by the pound
Although there are iftar favourites from the Arabic kitchen -- kibbeh and the like -- we say go direct for the fresh seafood counter, laden with prawns, smoked fish, mussels and cherrystone clams -- sweet and icy bites of the ocean -- and then move on to the little dishes of antipasti, and the cold meat platter.
Removal of 100% of the cherrystone clams caused only a 25% decline in clam numbers, but a 68% decline in standing stock biomass.
Whiting, Maine-based Bar Harbor Foods has introduced canned whole cherrystone clams.