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a center equipped to handle a large volume of telephone calls (especially for taking orders or serving customers)


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Turner recommends restricting notices to breaches only of certain types of information (those that could be used to perpetrate a fraud), providing a safe harbor when stolen data are encrypted or otherwise inaccessible, and cherrypicking the best elements of state laws into a federal law.
Armstrong said: "Most of this negative information has very little scientific basis, or is the result of cherrypicking from irrelevant data, or worse, the result of large retailers wishing to capitalise on a green image.
The Labour-dominated education select committee demands strict controls to prevent the new-style schools cherrypicking the most able children - widening the divide between good and bad schools.
Investors, both public and private, are now cherrypicking their plays, and are more intent than ever to place their bets with industry leaders providing promising solutions, regardless of cost.
Now because of the mess Kirklees Council has made of the Local Development Framework and developers cherrypicking clauses from the National Planning Policy Framework it's all started again.
But he can't be a cherrypicking nationalist, by keeping the pound to create a "sterling zone".
It seems to me that any privatisation will result in big job losses at Royal Mail and cherrypicking of the best part of the operating hub of the business is great for the few greedy bosses of Royal Mail, but a big loss for the many workers and much of the general public such as the elderly, who, like myself, prefer letters to confusing computer screens and dodgy online banking.
Finally in Scotland, they've agreed that cherrypicking play-offs - as well as other parts of their reconstruction model - is worth doing for the sake of the game as a whole.
The minister is cherrypicking data which shows Cardiff Met in a bad light and ignoring the overwhelming and consistent evidence showing the institution to be the top ranked post-1992 university in Wales.
There has been a move towards cherrypicking, as the canny shopper simply heads to the discounter for a few selected good-value favourites.
Separatists' extravagant claims portrayed a promised land cherrypicking choice bits of the monarchy and currency: a golden age of oil bonanza; a Scottish health service making England's NHS look like something in the Third World.