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Synonyms for cherry

wood of any of various cherry trees especially the black cherry

a red the color of ripe cherries

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of a color at the end of the color spectrum (next to orange)

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Touted as one of Japan's 100 best cherry blossom spots, Nishi Park in Fukuoka boasts of over 1,300 cherry trees.
He has deep family knowledge of cherry trees and their role in the culture of Japan and the imperial family, Henderson tells us.
Over eight varieties of ornamental cherry trees make up the lushness, although Yoshino, a white flowering tree, is the primary variety.
The 3,000 cherry trees were a gift from Japan in 1912 as a symbol of friendship between the two nations.
Spring slipped quickly into the south Willamette Valley Friday, stringing the Tartarian cherry tree at Owen Rose Garden with frilly white blossoms.
This year, we've additionally planted 300 hectares with cherry trees.
BugVibes[TM] Cherry does just that by attaching to an individual cherry tree and utilizing patent pending vibration algorithms to target a pest's "fight or flight" reaction.
Meanwhile, unlike A Faulkner, I like flowering cherry trees and wish that we still had them.
The mayor of Tokyo, Japan gifted the city the first 12 varieties of Japanese Cherry trees in 1912.
We decided when we saw that we are the ones in part responsible for the cherry trees being in Washington, there can be no better memorial.
The garden is planted with 350 Prunus Tai Haku cherry trees, the only place in the UK to see the tree planted in such numbers.
Spring has begun in Japan with the blooming of the country's beloved cherry trees, with revelers eager to use the occasion as a way to break from a year marked by crisis and disaster.
Cherry Trees in Shepley held a seasonal fair and coffee morning on Saturday.
Each message will be added as a cherry flower to the cherry tree on the website until it is in full bloom and the collected messages will be presented together with young cherry trees to children in the Tohoku region in spring 2012.
Cherry trees perform best in full sun but many will also perform well in a partly shaded position.