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the stone seed of a cherry

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Overall, the presentation in these galleries eschews special effects, apart from a corner tower displaying tiny objects, including the carved cherry stone, which can be examined through magnifying glasses.
There are some weirder world-class events around too - like the International Cherry Pit-Spitting Championship, where on Saturday new champ Brian Krause managing to spit his cherry stone an astonishing 80ft with the help of strong winds in Michigan, US.
In the midst of the filming, Zeta- Jones, who is married to Hollywood A-list star Michael Douglas, shot a cherry stone at Stewart, who was jailed for five months in 2004 for lying to government investigators about the sale of shares.
Pop the Stay-Warm Cherry Stone Thermal Pillow in the microwave and it becomes a therapeutic hot pad to ease aches and pains with a comforting cherry pie glow.
The initial effort will involve the nursery production of juvenile quahogs (little neck or cherry stone clams) for planting into the waters of the bay.
Did you know what the record for spitting a cherry stone is?
Whenever there is an etiquette minefield to negotiate, Debrett's is there - gently guiding the wayward social traveller through situations like spitting out a cherry stone or postponing a rendezvous with friends.
PHYSIOTHERAPISTS and beauty therapists alike use the cherry stone thermal pillow for localised heat treatments and now you can obtain the same benefits at home with this offer
4 Time to Unwind Cherry Stone Heat Pillow (Superdrug)
Former member Steve Peregrine Took died through choking on a cherry stone in 1980, bass player Steve Currie died in a car crash a year later and percussionist Mickey Finn died in 2003 from kidney and liver failure
A comforting pillow for the neck, shoulders,joints and coccyx is the Stay-Warm Cherry Stone ThermalPillow.
A brick red/ochre tinge gives away its 1997 birthdate - a bit of bottle age adding softness to the piercing cherry stone edge and that textbook burnt edge of proper Chianti.
The rubbish includes bits of fluff, dust, hair, plastic, twigs, woollen pom-poms and a discarded cherry stone.
But this Italian's cherry stone smack and lively acidity makes it much more than alcoholic summery fruit punch.