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Synonyms for cherry

wood of any of various cherry trees especially the black cherry

a red the color of ripe cherries

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of a color at the end of the color spectrum (next to orange)

References in classic literature ?
Captain Jim laughed and went away, regretfully declining an invitation to stay to supper and partake of cherry pie.
When you've seen her come back and help us eat our cherry pies," said Anne.
Leslie said to tell you she hankered after cherry pie, but she couldn't come to tea because she has to go and hunt up her turkeys.
His real name was Mastro Antonio, but everyone called him Mastro Cherry, for the tip of his nose was so round and red and shiny that it looked like a ripe cherry.
As soon as he saw that piece of wood, Mastro Cherry was filled with joy.
Mastro Cherry grew dumb, his eyes popped out of his head, his mouth opened wide, and his tongue hung down on his chin.
He took the great, round world in his hand, so to speak, familiarly, contemptuously, and it seemed no larger than the seed of a Maraschino cherry in a
said the old gentleman again, but the admonition was quite unnecessary, for one of the girls poured out the cherry brandy, and another brought in the towels, and one of the men suddenly seizing Mr.
Snodgrass, having concluded his ablutions, took a survey of the room, while standing with his back to the fire, sipping his cherry brandy with heartfelt satisfaction.
In fact, "Resplendent" (completed before September) is a critical examination of the cherry blossom as a wartime symbol not only of beauty and ephemerality but also death and the promise of afterlife.
This April--nearly 40 years after the bombing--the last living suspect, Bobby Frank Cherry, will go on trial.
A Japan-based group dedicated to promoting cherry trees as a vital tool to exchange international goodwill is trying to raise the profile of cherry trees ahead of the 90th anniversary of the gifting of cherry trees by Tokyo to Washington.
According to Talarico, curly cherry can have a rope curl or a flame curl as opposed to a tight fiddleback.
Leonard Cherry may be the past president of the National Association of Demolition Contractors (NADC), bur he considers himself equally as a recycler.