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a cigar with both ends cut flat

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Guard emerges from the tap, where he prefers breakfasting, licking round a tough- looking doubtful cheroot, which you might tie round your finger, and three whiffs of which would knock any one else out of time.
Tom is encouraged by a remark or two of the guard's between the puffs of his oily cheroot, and besides is getting tired of not talking.
The guard stopped and pulled away at his cheroot, regarding Tom benignantly the while.
Murthwaite was so interested in what he heard, that he let his cheroot go out.
How you have escaped them I can't imagine," says the eminent traveller, lighting his cheroot again, and staring hard at Mr.
He also smokes an incredible number of cheroots, yet neither smoking nor drinking affects his health or well-being.
According to the new clause, " Foreign fund investment received by an Indian company in any form, including that in the guise of current account transactions for the purpose of creating band awareness, brand building, promotion and management contract, is also completely prohibited for cigars, cheroots, cigarillos and cigarettes of tobacco or of tobacco substitutes etc.
With this secured, tobacco traders can look forward to the abolition of 20% Syrian duties on EU-made cigarette exports over nine years; and 50% duties on EU-made cigars, cheroots and cigarillos over 12 years.
Hang The Noose is as addictive as one of Clint's cheroots.
She loves cheroots, despite a strict no-smoking ban in LA restaurants.
For instance, as regards the sale of EU-made tobacco products to South Korea, existing 40% tariffs on cigars, cheroots, cigarillos, filter tip cigarettes, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, snuff, plus tobacco extracts and essences will be phased out over the next 10 years.
You won't be able to move on the A9 for guys smoking cheroots, wearing ponchos and firing away at anything that moves.
Market value and volume for tobacco by type (cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos and cheroots, reconstituted and homogenized tobacco, smoking tobacco, other)
In return, the EU would lift duties on Albanian exports of cigars, cheroots, cigarillos and cigarettes, including those containing cloves, manufactured tobacco substitutes, smoking tobacco, tobacco extracts and essences, as well as reconstituted tobacco.
Bell saw that charm and easy-going nature in the bunkers of Bosnia when Jackson was happy to open a bottle of whisky as he puffed on endless cheroots.