chernozemic soil

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a rich black loam of Russia

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Study sites were located near the transition from the Mixedgrass Prairie to the southern Aspen Parkland vegetation zone (Strong and Leggat, 1992), and represented a range of common soil and growing conditions from Dark Brown to Black Chernozemic soils (Agriculture Canada Expert Committee on Soil Survey, 1987).
Restoring productivity to an artificially eroded Dark Brown Chernozemic soil under dry-land conditions.
Residual effects of perennial grass sod on the physical properties of a chernozemic soil.
Effect of crop rotations and rotation phase on characteristics of soil organic matter in a Dark Brown Chernozemic soil.
We established a wind erosion study site in November 1990 on a Dark Brown Chernozemic soil (Typic Haploboroll) about 15 km (9 mi) southeast of Lethbridge, Alberta (49 [degrees] 37[minutes] N, 112 [degrees] 38[minutes] W).
Schmidt MWI, Skjemstad JO, Gehrt E, Kogel-Knabner I (1999) Charred organic carbon in German chernozemic soils.