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Synonyms for checkerboard

a board having 64 squares of two alternating colors

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Lining up Steve Shannon as producer helped Chequerboard to push forward with his sound.
The drawings will be judged next month and the chequerboard completed by Easter.
The 152 long and short containers are stacked four-high and attached at the corners with twist-lock connectors to form a chequerboard of solid and void.
Now, instead of boring grey concrete, the pupils have a brightly-coloured target, chequerboard, colourful hopscotch ladybird and maze.
The completed building looks at home in its context of nineteenth-century commercial and industrial architecture, though its chequerboard elevations break with the more formal geometry of the latter, more rigidly defined by structural bays.
Houses are arranged on a chequerboard (not as pavilions) so contributing to the controlled use of outside space
The house is defined by its skin: a chequerboard of painted cement board and varied glass.
In the new block, with its regimented chequerboard facades of opaque and clear glass, four floors of cellular offices are topped by a debating chamber that overlooks the city, symbolically overseeing the citizens it serves.