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edema of the mucous membrane of the eyeball and eyelid lining

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The commonest clinical presentation in our experience was proptosis with associated conjunctival chemosis (76.
On examination of the eye, there was chemosis but no hyphaema or conjunctivitis.
After four courses of treatment, his CAS had decreased to 5 due to relief of the chemosis.
The clinical activity score of our patient was 3, as there was marked chemosis, redness of the eyes and swelling of eyelids.
Our study showed atonic pupil, subconjunctival hemorrhage, chemosis, diplopia and muscle weakness as the major complications of the procedure.
Given the anatomic relationships, thrombosis of the cavernous sinus can result in ophthalmoplegia, chemosis, periorbital swelling, proptosis, Horner's syndrome, diplopia and decreased visual acuity.
As the bony orbit cannot expand, an increase in orbital volume disrupts venous drainage, leading to edema and chemosis in the orbital region.
If ptosis, proptosis, and chemosis are also additionally found, it is severe exophthalmic ocular myositis (SEOM) (6).
There was chemosis and purulent discharge from the conjunctiva (Figures 1 and 2).
Blood stained discharge was coming from both the eyes due to chemosis and conjunctival lacerations.
Clinical signs 1 Conjunctival and relapsing lesions in both eyes 2 Mild scleritis, proliferative eye lesions 3 Episcleral swelling and vascular congestion, squinting, scleral indentation in the temporal fundus 4 Inflammatory conjunctival follicles, mild epiphora, mild diffuse conjunctival hyperemia, episcleral 5 Moderate blepharospasm and conjunctival hyperemia 6 Moderate chemosis, episcleral flocculent mass 7 Chronic waxing/waning episcleral mass 8 Chronic conjunctivitis, superficial keratitis, episcleral mass, chemosis
No conjunctival injection, chemosis, proptosis, facial cellulitis, dental abscess, or neck masses were shown.
Ophtalmopathy may be observed as palpebral retraction, palpebral edema, proptosis, chemosis and periorbital edema.