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Also, a $3,000 PPG Industries Foundation grant to the Department of Chemistry helped fund Pitt's undergraduate chemistry laboratory poster session.
Major technological milestones that have contributed to the present day clinical chemistry laboratory are listed in Table 2 (2, 12-23).
He has been the director of the Industrial Chemistry Laboratory at the University of Athens since 1994 and the chairman ofthe Chemistry Department ( 1991-1995, 1999-2003 and 2005-2009).
In February, DU had auctioned a gamma cell carrying highly radioactive Cobalt- 60 from its chemistry laboratory to scrap dealers in violation of rules related to safe disposal of radioactive waste and radiation protection.
Reactions and syntheses; in the organic chemistry laboratory, 2d ed.
According to the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory of Oxford University's website, there is a small risk of the solution forming the explosive silver fulminate if it is left unused for a period of time.
In addition, Dalton's analytical chemistry laboratory offers method development, validation and ICH stability programs to its clients.
has opened its first nutritional chemistry laboratory for Asia in Singapore.
director, NSF's Chemistry Laboratory, at kneen@nsf.
He has said he believes that the proposed state-of-the-art synthetic organic chemistry laboratory would make Florida State a center of excellence in the field, enhancing the university's status.
At the San Francisco General Hospital Clinical Chemistry Laboratory, we have recently eliminated serum amylase from the laboratory menu as a cost-savings measure.
A description of Green Organic Chemistry: Tools, Strategies and Laboratory Experiments, a textbook/laboratory manual released in 2004 for the undergraduate organic chemistry laboratory, is available from this page as well.
An inquiry-based approach to the freshman chemistry laboratory creates excitement and demands critical thinking.
With the recent opening of a third chemistry laboratory at UCFV, and financial support as a result of a Promo-Science grant administered by the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the maximum number of participants was increased this year.
All chemicals had to be available from supermarkets or drugstores on the open market, not from chemical or scientific supply houses, which meant that the experiments were highly cost effective and could be performed even outside conventional chemistry laboratory settings.
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