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Synonyms for chemistry

the science of matter

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the chemical composition and properties of a substance or object

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the way two individuals relate to each other

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In addition, a number of new functional chemistries are now available that allow the papermaker to achieve maximum contribution towards retention, drainage, strength, and brightness without jeopardizing optimal mechanical operation," Ranson said.
The work plan's focus is for the partners to develop and characterize a functional reserve microbattery prototype developed around lithium-based chemistries.
One avenue that will be explored under the agreement is the use of the CEM's patented PowerMAX[TM] (simultaneous cooling while heating) technology, which enables chemists to work with temperature-sensitive or highly-reactive intermediates and still achieve the same type of yield and rate-enhancing benefits seen in microwave-assisted, high-temperature chemistries.
Products of different charge should be fed apart from each other, but co-addition of certain chemistries has been shown to provide benefits over feeding them through separate feed points.
In the safety study, AVI-4126 was found to have an excellent safety profile without the notable side effects that have been documented with other antisense chemistries.
D'Silva added, "In addition, our world-class nucleic acid chemistry R&D team enables us to fully support the adaptation of next-generation nucleic acid chemistries for use in a variety of potential diagnostic and therapeutic applications.
The combination of our Rapid Pulse Clean process with specially formulated chemistries by Alconox, Inc.
However, traditional chemistries, such as buffered oxide etch, that can be used to etch SiO2 gate material are not capable of etching high-k materials at a manufacturable rate and with high selectivity.
Overall, the SYNCHRON LX20 PRO test menu consists of more than 100 reagents comprised of general chemistries, critical care chemistries, proteins, serologies and esoteric chemistries, as well as therapeutic drug monitoring and drugs-of-abuse testing (DAT) reagents.
We can offer our customers the highest quality chemistries, along with application expertise and advanced automation technologies that deliver unmatched flexibility, throughput, and capacity.
Axys will also provide BMS with enabling technologies for reproducing and expanding the library chemistries.
It also exhibits significant environmental benefits over current etch chemistries, which is an important issue for our customers.
ChemRx will develop the chemistries on a fee-for-service basis, and will provide the compounds to Kirin on an exclusive basis and with no milestone or royalty obligations, for screening in a wide range of Kirin's internal assays.
The bq2000 simplifies charging of Li-Ion, NiCd, and NiMH batteries by combining the necessary power-conversion and charge-control algorithms for both lithium- and nickel-based chemistries into a single integrated circuit.
announces a new generation of highly accurate, programmable, smart battery integrated circuits for use with all battery chemistries.