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adsorption (especially when irreversible) by means of chemical instead of physical forces

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A smaller particle size of oil shale dust achieved due to finer crushing facilitates the reduction of mechanical losses and enlarges chemisorption surface of fly ash.
An organic molecule with donor atoms may undergo chemisorptions through the interactions of its lone pair of electrons with the metal ions on the surface (8), (9).
The present study therefore not only provides direct support for in-situ CO production at room-temperature by electron and ion-induced surface reactions on an "unreactive" surface such as Cu(100), but also illustrates the enormous importance of common surface contaminants ("dirt") such as O, C and C-containing species on chemisorption and surface reactions.
This intensive reciprocal action between pigment and binder occurs due to absorption or possible chemisorption.
These fractions are those most likely to represent trace elements retained by surface reactions such as ion exchange or chemisorption, and therefore the highest proportions of elements are not in these fractions, but present in mineral structures (Fe or Mn oxides, or residual minerals such as silicates).
density by a repetitive agitative-compaction technique, Catalytic Activity by Chemisorption, TPD/TPR and Zeta Potential.
They are thus strong enough to induce re-arrangement of electronic orbitals of atoms and molecules leading to new phenomena that can be summarily described as field-induced chemisorption and field-induced chemistry.
The applications will be focused on complex chemical systems containing transition metal centres involved in catalytic processes and will cover organometallic functionalities and chemisorption of small molecules on metallic surfaces.
And the chemisorption could be rate limiting in the sorption step involving ion exchange of sorbent and sorbate (29).
The HealthPro Plus' award-winning design employs progressive phase-purification through a pre-filter, a granular activated carbon absorption and pelletized chemisorption cell to remove odors and eliminate harmful chemicals, and the company's patented HyperHEPA(R) filtration technology.
The ash, in addition to being the heat carrier, has chemisorption properties due its alkaline composition that can influence pyrolysis product composition and yields.
oceanica fibres is a chemisorption process involving valency forces through sharing or exchange of electrons between phenolate anions and sorbent biopolymers.
Low (1960), in describing chemisorption of gases on solid surfaces, suggested that breaks in slope in sorption v.
BR is formed in filled elastomer compounds by physical absorption, chemisorption, and mechanical interaction and depends on some factors such as the polarity, microstructure of the polymer, structure, surface activity of filler, and interface adhesion among filler and matrix (1), (10).
Mercury is chemically bonded with titanium oxide, a process known as chemisorption, and thus is potentially easier to trap in the plant's emissions scrubber system, research has found.