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take up a substance by chemisorption

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026 g) were examined for the surface oxygen groups by temperature programmed desorption (TPD) using a micromeritics instrument (Pulse Chemisorb 2705).
SAMs are molecules where one end is designed to chemisorb onto a specific substrate.
To determine the chemical composition of the fuel used, the formed ash and fly ash, WDXRF, ICP-MS, an elemental analyzer, inductively coupled mass spectrometry (ICP), scanning electron microscopy-X-ray diffractometry (SEM-XRD) and a chemisorb analyzer will be used.
Their hypothesis was to dehydrogenate ethanol to acetaldehyde on the first bed and to chemisorb the impurities at low temperature with a chemisorbent coupled with a hydrogen yielding catalyst on the second bed.
Temperature programmed reduction (TPR) measurements were performed with a Chemisorb 2750 instrument.