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luminescence resulting from a chemical reaction as the oxidation of luciferin in fireflies

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announced that it has achieved International Organization for Standardization's (ISO) 9001:2000 certification for the design and manufacturing of its chemiluminescent products.
Hybridized amplicons were then captured onto streptavidin-coated ELISA plates and detected by anti-digoxigenin antibodies conjugated to peroxidase, using a chemiluminescent substrate.
After approval by the hospital ethics committee and informed consent, patients with suspicion of infection were enrolled into the trial, and EA was assayed daily for a maximum of 7 days by the chemiluminescent assay.
Most scientists use chemiluminescent detection for Western Blotting because of its high sensitivity.
The alkylated Hcy derivative (Hcy-ABA) then binds to the antibody that is coated on the chemiluminescent latex particles.
Fuji's family of scientific imaging systems products and technologies-including chemiluminescent, fluorescent, and radioisotopic detection-are tailored to suit many different applications for a variety of scientific analyses and imaging environments.
It includes assessment of safety, carryover, precision, bias, linearity, and comparability for coagulometers that perform clotting, chromogenic, and/or immunoturbidometric and/or chemiluminescent testing.
These contracts which contain 150 line items are the second and third Frame Contracts awarded by NAMSA to Cyalume Technologies, SA for chemiluminescent products.
A new method for rapid chemiluminescent detection of DNA arrays on nylon membranes and glass slides was developed using an ultrasensitive chemiluminescent reagent, Lumigen[TM] APS-5 (Fig.
The samples were analyzed by chemiluminescent immunoassay at Medtox Labs.
The PATHFAST rapid point of care system utilizes a chemiluminescent technology combined with a unique magtration separation method that allows this system to report highly accurate results that compare to large platform instruments.
Together with Tom Whitehead, Gary Thorpe, and other members of the Wolfson team, he developed the enhanced chemiluminescent detection reactions for peroxidase labels, which were subsequently commercialized in conjunction with Dr.
The firefly's biochemical chemiluminescent reaction is highly efficient, approaching the theoretical limit of one photon produced for each molecule involved in the reaction, producing 88 photons for each 100 molecules for a yield of 88%.
The ACS:180 Phenytoin (ACS:180) is a heterogeneous chemiluminescent immunoassay that uses murine monoclonal antibody; it was run on the automated, random-access ACS:180 chemiluminescent system [6-8].
A ligand-activated, GPCR-arrestin interaction combines two [eth]-galactosidase fragments, enabling rapid chemiluminescent detection in a homogeneous format.